Press release: Partner tests positive

March 20, 2020

Press release: 
Partner tests positive

The partner of the first COVID-19 case in the country has tested positive this morning. Prime Minister informed the public at the press briefing.

The test was carried out as part of the quarantine process where everybody gets checked to determine the status before the release. The three primary contacts- the partner, guide and driver, finish their quarantine period today.

While the guide and the driver were confirmed negative, the partner, who is 59 years old, showed a positive result. This was the fourth test run on the primary contacts since the detection of first case on March 5. All earlier three tests resulted in a negative.

Meanwhile, the patient is asymptomatic and healthy. She will be monitored in an isolation starting today.

The driver and the guide, will have to be under home quarantine and report immediately should they notice any signs and symptoms. Should they wish to stay in the facility, we will be offering the option.


This takes the number of positive case of COVID-19 in Bhutan to two.