Press release: on cyclone Amphan

Press release: on cyclone Amphan
As notified by the Department of Disaster Management, the extremely cyclonic storm Amphan is expected to make a landfall in West Bengal tomorrow around 2pm.
Given the proximity, over the next 72 hours, the southern and eastern parts of Bhutan will receive heavy rainfall and thunderstorm with gusty wind.
The Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering asks everyone to stay vigilant and safe from the cyclone.
On individual phone calls to all Dzongdas, Thrompons, Dungpas and other local leaders, prime minister asked them to ensure all precautions in the respective jurisdiction, and closely monitor all the disaster, as well as perennially prone areas in the localities.
Prime minister said local authorities are supposed to know the perennially prone areas and have asked them to immediately secure the safety of vulnerable people and livestock.
Those at risks are to be evacuated to safe grounds by tonight or early morning.
While district and local authorities are already on it, prime minister has asked them to ensure every household receive necessary advisories through LG functionaries by tonight.
The local authorities are also required to keep all rescue team and emergency equipment ready, should there be an urgency.
Meanwhile, prime minister said while the whole world was already dealing with the burden of pandemic, the region being hit by the cyclone was as unfortunate.
“Casualty due to any disaster, be it cyclone or the COVID-19, is equally devastating,” he said, adding that although the virus was not airborne, he would encourage everyone to use facemasks.
Meanwhile, in addition to the notification from the DDM, the government requests everyone to:
• Avoid travelling
• Stay at home
• Ensure the surroundings are safe. Make sure there are no loose lying objects in the neighbourhood.
• Avoid going to river banks and nearby streams.
In keeping with weather updates from the National Center for Hydrology and Meteorology, disaster teams in the districts are closely following developments and ensuring highest level of precaution.