Implementation of Zoning System in Thimphu

With the announcement of the nationwide lockdown and the Prime Minister’s instructions to implement the zoning system to ensure minimal inconvenience to our people, the Zoning Task Force would like to provide the following update for Thimphu:

  • Since the situation is more serious this time with several positive cases, extra caution has to be taken to ensure the safety of the public. Therefore, designated shops will be allowed to open only after the shop personnel are tested and found to be negative. This is expected to take one day.
  •  Due to the shorter daylight hours, the timing blocks for coming out of houses has been reduced from 3 to 2 hours. The new timing blocks will be as follows:

   – Morning (M) 9 -11 am

   – Afternoon (A) 12-2 pm

   – Evening (E) 3-5 pm


All are requested to comply with the above timings.

  • To ensure safety of the general public, we have requested all residents of buildings/houses where positive cases have been detected to remain indoors at all times. All the requirements of these residents will be delivered by Desuups.
  • Households that have lost, damaged or otherwise require a new Movement Card are requested to call 1010 or register at
  • The public is requested to follow all other COVID Safety and Zoning protocols when coming out of their houses.
  • All other Dzongkhags are also requested to take the above guidelines into consideration when implementing the zoning system in their Dzongkhags.
  • As mentioned by the Prime Minster, the situation is very serious this time with several positive cases and contact tracing still going on. As far as possible, we would like to request the public to stay home as it is the safest place, and to come out only if absolutely necessary.