Press release

This is to inform the public that except for Phuentsholing, the lockdown imposed on the thromdes and satellite towns in southern districts shall now be lifted. Respective regional and local taskforce members have been asked to initiate the process.

This is in keeping with the outcome of the enhanced surveillance over the last three days that did not reveal any indication of the disease in those communities. Phuentsholing, however, will continue to remain under lockdown following the detection of COVID-19 in the community.

Since the lockdown on April 16, over 9,805 tests were conducted across the country. Of that, 9,245 tests were carried out in the high risk areas. The figure includes 3,329 travellers from high risk areas and another 217 emergency travellers from Phuentsholing.

Samples were also collected from more than 1,130 frontline workers and 5,129 high risk clusters in the communities.

Meanwhile, surveillance will be intensified across the country and frequent mass testing will also be initiated in the coming days.

This episode should remind us that now is not the time to unwind. As countries across the world grapple with increasing cases and deaths from COVID-19, we urge everyone to observe highest precaution and protect yourself and your loved ones from the disease.

Wear a mask, refrain from travelling, stay indoors and limit gatherings. The battle against COVID-19 is not over.