About Us

The Prime Minister’s Aides and Media services are the support team of the prime minister and manage the daily activities undertaken by the Prime Minister.

The section, headed by the Principal Secretary looks after the implementation of government decisions, special assignments, and reviews and prepares data analysis of reports/policies and other matters.

The media services manage media and public information related to the prime minister and the government. In addition to information dissemination, the section is responsible publications  and communication of the prime minister and government.

Public Service Delivery (PSD)

Public Service Delivery (PSD) is a key initiative of the government to strengthen delivery of public services through ICT.

The momentum began with the G2C Initiative, which began as a project in 2010. The G2C Project Office (2010-2013) studied and reviewed core public services offered by agencies (Ministries and Autonomous agencies). The inventory of the services served as the basis for automation efforts, resulting in taking more than hundred services onto the technology platforms.

The Public Services Delivery Division initiates reform activities towards streamlining public service delivery. The division is guided by the primary objectives to reduce the turnaround time for service delivery, enhancing accessibility and strengthening accountability.

Website: https://www.citizenservices.gov.bt/en/home

The Government Performance Management Division was established in March 2015 to initiate a whole-of-government approach in the planning, budgeting and human resource assessment. The system integrated the functioning of the civil service to establish a single window for implementation of activities.

The division in consultation with ministries and agencies prepare the annual performance plans and targets. After the review and finalization, the division ensures the implementation of the proposed activities.

Website: http://www.gpms.gov.bt

The grievance cell is an initiative to ease issues faced by the public. The section deals with all walk-in grievance cases and also has online grievance redressal facility.