About Healthy Drukyul

Healthy Drukyul: new leaf, new lease on life is Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering’s social media campaign, calling on the nation to redefine its dietary habits, the key to improved health.

Backed by his profession as a medical doctor and a fitness enthusiast, the prime minister always prescribed healthy lifestyle through proper diet and adequate physical activities.
The initiative can be sourced way back, when he was a surgeon, appearing on the national live call-in television program ‘Jangdra Drungtsho’, addressing various health issues, from something as common as the seasonal flu to those relating to pregnancy and other lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

At the helm of the government today, one of the first things the prime minister wished was to change the Bhutanese food habits, the building block for better health. That, in turn, would help the nation realise its collective aspiration of national happiness as a result of diminishing common health ailments. A nation of healthy citizens, then, will only contribute to the economy.

The focus to actually work towards improving the general health of the Bhutanese grew more pronounced in the face of threats the COVID-19 posed and how the chronically ill and the old were vulnerable to it.

The strong sense of purpose spurred the prime minister to bring on board all Bhutanese on this drive towards healthy lifestyles through changed dietary habits.

The social media campaign, will bring key messages of the Prime Minister, while engaging and partnering with people in adopting a healthy lifestyle, will bring in stories of change from the public, challenges to keep the people engaged and experts to share their opinions among other activities.

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