AM with PM: A dialogue with the Prime Minister

Message from Hon. Lyonchhen (Dr.) Lotay Tshering


With the receding of cold, and appearance of blooms all around, I sincerely hope you are enjoying spring and the fresh breath of hope and energy it brings along. I seek this opportunity to share my thoughts as we venture forth to embrace warmth, amid renewed commitments to fulfill our daily pursuits.

In all our daily endeavors, within each of our means and abilities, we do our bit to contribute to the organization we work for. These efforts add up to the progress of the organization, that subsequently compounds to the growth of our nation. Therefore, please know that no attempt goes wasted, no initiative remains unaccounted.

Under the wisdom and guidance of His Majesty the King, all of us are playing our humble part to contribute to the growth and success of our small country. As a Bhutanese, we have this shared responsibility. Therefore, it becomes all the more crucial to understand each other better, hear each other out more, and work together in the bigger context of taking Bhutan forward.

In doing so, communication with individuals across all sectors, become vital. Driven by this motivation, I take on a new assignment of reaching out to as many people as possible. I request an earnest meet with each of the hardworking people serving Bhutan in different capacities, in different organizations. I seek an engaging yet honest dialogue with you on issues that matters.

On this note, the program took off with a session with the Supreme Court of Bhutan today (2nd April, 2019). It is an auspicious start no doubt, given the paramount importance of judiciary in good governance.

As you are aware, it is imperative that people and all agencies understand the intentions of the government. Important decisions have to be conveyed, misperceptions cleared and policies elaborated. Government, on its part, should ensure that its every move and resolutions are inclusive.
Your views matter. A dialogue with you would enable us to make informed decisions.

This initiative, I feel, will empower all of us to arrive at a common understanding of putting our nation first while in pursuit of our daily tasks. I look forward to seeing you over an enriching session.

The program details:

What: Thematically titled AM with PM, the program will enable the Prime Minister to pay a visit to offices and organizations, including government, corporate, private and other sectors. The participation for the establishments are purely voluntary.

Over an hour-long interaction, the Prime Minister will engage in a dialogue with the employees to exchange experiences and ideas, deliberate on important topics, while seeking suggestions on relevant matters.

When: The program took off on April 2, 2019. It will be held between 8.30 AM to 9.30 AM on the four weekdays, except Thursday, during which the Prime Minister attends to patients at the general hospital.

Where: In a modest setting, the organizations interested to participate in the program can spare. The offices are discouraged from organizing special receptions and arranging refreshments during the hour.

How: Organizations keen on participating in the program are requested to register by sending a mail to The Prime Minister will visit offices in keeping with the registration dates, confirmation of which would be issued three days in advance. Interactions with establishments beyond the capital would be carried out with the aid of video conference.

Who: While it would be left to the individual organizations to decide on who attends the hour-long meet, a “manageable” size is encouraged for free flow discussions. Additional meetings, depending on the need, could be arranged in the coming weeks or months.

Why: Your views matter in every stage of our governance. We also believe you have the right to know all our plans, intentions and the policies. And it is only through proper communication and coordination that we can be more efficient in our contributions and services to the country.

This is one way to build our nation together.

Tashi Delek.